HealthSkil - FAQs

Am I obligated to work a specific amount each week?
No, if you do accept an assignment we ask you to fulfill your obligation. Let us know your interests and we'll do our best to meet your needs.

Can HealthSkil help me find full time contract work or my next permanent job to advance my career?
Absolutely, each one of our specialized divisions has a wide array of contract, permanent and temporary opportunities available. Give us a call today at 800-456-7545 to see if we can help.

How often do I get paid?
At HealthSkil we pay our contract employees weekly and highly recommend you take advantage of our direct deposit benefit.

Health SkilsHow soon can I start?
As a healthcare professional, your skills are in high demand. Once you have completed the hiring process and have successfully completed our competency assessments you will be eligible for placement. Depending upon your availability to arrange an interview, provide your credentials and references and complete the on-line assessments, you could be working in a matter of hours or days.

Where are your opportunities located?
The opportunities within our specialized divisions could be for any healthcare delivery organization or corporation in the United States. We can provide you with exposure to the widest variety of opportunities in your specialty area.

Why should I work for HealthSkil?
Whether you are advancing your career, positioned for growth, looking for flexibility, to supplement or simply looking for a change we can help. For over 25 years we have helped healthcare professionals identify the right kinds of opportunities.

Can HealthSkil help me achieve my career goals?
HealthSkil has permanent, contract and temporary opportunities available. If you are willing to invest the time in telling us your interests we may be able to help. Call 800-456-7545 or e-mail us today to find out.


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