The CKHobbie Group - Channel Partnership

Talent acquisition is a relationship business. With over 46 years experience in the markets we service The CK Hobbie Group has unmatched recruitment expertise. In order to provide the highest level of service our clients and candidates deserve we recognize the value in partnering with other reputable professional service firms and individual proprietors that serve or possess specialized expertise in our core markets or emerging verticals.

Throughout our history we have created mutually beneficial channel partnerships with numerous firms and individual consultants. These partnerships have been critical to our success and creating/maintaining these relationships will continue to be a strategic initiative of our group.

Our channel partner program has been highly successful by engaging the right kinds of partners in the right verticals. These relationships have led to a variety of better business outcomes in both mutual new customer acquisition as well as by creating access to the right talent pipelines.

A summary of our program can be provided to interested parties. It includes a detailed framework of the financial benefits for engagements such as: new business or candidate referrals, relationship management activities, outsourced recruitment efforts and lead generation.

If you are a principal of a professional services firm or an individual consultant willing to consider this type of engagement our firm would be happy to learn more about your expertise. Furthermore, we would value the opportunity to share additional details regarding this program including successful testimonials.

Please contact C. Matthew Hobbie: President, The CKHobbie Group at 800-339-3539 or via e-mail at

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