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Match your workforce to your workload

Today you need 10 extra employees to fill an order. Tomorrow you don't.

To be profitable in business today, you need to be flexible. And that's where Hobbie Personnel comes in.

We provide flexible staffing solutions that give you just-in-time access to skilled and reliable industrial and clerical employees. We can help you improve productivity, reduce labor costs, and get more done!

Quality Staffing at ck hobbieOur services include:

Temporary Staffing

  • Short and long-term fill-ins
  • Project specialists
  • Seasonal employees

No Risk Hire

Wouldn't it be great to test-drive an employee BEFORE committing to a hiring decision? Now you can! Our No Risk Hire program allows you to evaluate employees on a temporary basis and flexibly build your core staff.

On-Site Coordinator

For high volume staffing, our vendor on-site program provides you with a dedicated on-site staffing coordinator who will:

  • Act as a single point of contact for managing your staffing needs.
  • Provide continuous monitoring of your temporary staff, which can include fulfillment reports on: hours, expenditures, turnover, and fill ratio.
  • Conduct orientation for new temporary employees at your facility.
  • Administer on-site testing and training.
  • Monitor staffing performance to ensure that your expectations and needs are fully met.
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