Hobbie Professional - Service Process

Award Winning Quality & Service
Hobbie Personnel has developed award-winning programs that enable us to screen, hire, and retain the MOST qualified individuals.

Engineering at Hobbie ProfessionalsSEEK: Finding the BEST talent
Most often, the best job candidates are those who are not actively in the job market. SEEK is our proprietary way of finding these people. As part of our SEEK process, we develop a unique recruiting strategy for your firm based on the Skills, Experience, Expectations, and Knowledge you require.

QUEST: Ensuring candidate QUALITY
How do you consistently hire great people? It starts with the right hiring process. QUEST provides us with a systematic framework to qualify the legitimacy of our candidates' eligibility, documentation, desire and motivation to become a part of our team. It ensures that our candidates are carefully screened, skill assessed and reference checked

Through QUEST, we evaluate the candidates' comfort and familiarity with the skills you require and determine their ability to commit to the assignment.

All EEO and government guidelines, policies and employment laws are strictly adhered to in our selection process.

CARE: Providing exceptional SERVICE
In staffing, they key great service is to consistently provide top quality people. We created the CARE process specifically to minimize turnover and consistently improve the quality of our team.

CARE provides a sense of community and a systematic approach to communicating with our employees. Through CARE, we administer performance reviews to ensure progress and improvement, and we continually offer opportunities for education and training.

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